What Are The Different Types Of Hearing Loss?

Here at Santa Clarita Hearing Center, we are dedicated to helping you find a solution for hearing loss.

If you have not had a hearing check at all during your adult years, we at least recommend you have a hearing check at the age of 50. This is the age where your hearing starts to diminish and should be watched as you age older. However, if you notice any kind of change in your hearing, you should make a hearing check appointment immediately.

One cause of hearing loss in young adults can actually be a buildup of cerumen, also known as earwax. Earwax buildup can cause hearing loss, irritation, pain in the ear, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

During an appointment at Santa Clarita Hearing Center, earwax is the first thing we look for in the ear. If there is an obvious buildup in the ear, we will remove the earwax. This process is painless and should improve hearing immediately. It should also improve your balance. If you still have trouble hearing after the earwax removal, we will assess the situation from there.

One popular item that is used to clean ears is Q-tips. These should never be put inside your ears. While it may feel like you are cleaning your ear, you are actually pushing earwax back inside your ear. This can directly contribute to earwax buildup, hearing loss and pain in general. Q-tips can irritate or cut the ear canal. If a Q-tip is put too far inside the ear, you will feel immense pain and may even damage the eardrum.

While using a Q-tip may result in some earwax coming out, it most likely would have come out on its own in the shower. Earwax that comes out has already broken apart and pushed out because the ear cleans itself.

It is in your best interest to see a professional at Santa Clarita Hearing Center so we can address the problem and remove the earwax.

Santa Clarita Hearing Center was founded by Dr. Ginny Veloz, Au.D., who has worked as an audiologist and hearing doctor for over 20 years. At Santa Clarita Hearing Center, customers can expect to find the most modern hearing aid technology currently available. Offering a complete range of diagnostic hearing services, Santa Clarita Hearing Center performs comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and repair. Additionally, they fit custom ear plugs and protection to treat customers’ medical hearing loss or tinnitus symptoms. With a wide range of hearing aid options to meet every budget and lifestyle, Santa Clarita Hearing Center focuses on delivering effective results with compassion, education and integrity.

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Hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life.

Take back control by having a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We will help you understand your currently hearing ability and how to enhance and preserve it for the future.

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