Audiologist From Santa Clarita Hearing Center Discusses If Headphones Affect Hearing

A Santa Clarita Hearing Center audiologist is talking about whether wearing headphones can potentially damage hearing.

“It depends on what we’re listening to,” said Dr. Ginny Veloz. “It also depends on the level of volume and how many hours we’re listening.”

The sound is going to be louder through headphones because its source is far closer to the ear than if it were being played from a car speaker or speaker in the house, Veloz noted.

“So we have to be careful and not listen for as long,” she said. “So if it’s a phone call, it’s okay. But if we’re streaming music, we have to be careful not to be doing that for too loud for too long.”

Veloz explained that in general, if someone can hear another person try to get their attention with headphones on, it probably won’t negatively impact their hearing. But if they can’t hear the other person, then it’s too loud.

“Honestly it’s long before the AirPod,” Veloz said. “This goes back to the Walkman when we first started putting those headphones on our ears and getting the sound so much more closer into our ear.”

Veloz concluded, “It’s a matter of limiting your exposure, so if it’s a phone call, … you’re probably fine. If it’s loud music, loud sounds coming through where you have the AirPods in your ears maybe all day because you’re working and you like to listen to music while you work, that’s where you’re going to see a problem.”

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