Santa Clarita Hearing Center Recommends Routine Hearing Checks

Here at Santa Clarita Hearing Center, we encourage you to get routine hearing checks so we can track your hearing progress.

We recommend receiving a routine hearing check around age 50. This age is a relative age where you are going to have normal hearing, but breakdown in the ears begins. If hearing breakdown starts in your 50s, you may ignore the hearing loss. You may think that other people just do not talk loud enough. You then start to blame other people for your hearing loss, when it really is just your ears.

You may then go a few more years without a hearing check. These seven to ten years of struggling to hear could have been completely avoided if you got a routine hearing check starting at the age of 50. After an initial hearing check, you may not come back for a few years. Our owner Dr. Ginny Veloz will monitor and track your hearing to see when changes begin to occur.

Just like we have eye checkups, teeth checkups, and physical checkups, the ears should not be excluded.  It will benefit you more if you have your ears checked so you have the option of hearing aids if you desire.

Hearing aids can provide incredible change in people’s lives that they may not even know they need. Hearing aids can help you connect with the world again and communicate with others with more ease.

“With hearing aids, we keep trying to make them smaller and invisible. A hearing loss is one thousand times more visible than a hearing aid. A hearing aid on your ear sits discreetly in the back, discreetly inside the ear. But when you go, huh?, that is so obvious. Everybody knows, so it’s okay. Do something about it. Get some hearing aids and hear again,” Dr. Ginny Veloz said.

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Santa Clarita Hearing Center was founded by Dr. Ginny Veloz, Au.D., who has worked as an audiologist and hearing doctor for over 20 years. At Santa Clarita Hearing Center, customers can expect to find the most modern hearing aid technology currently available. Offering a complete range of diagnostic hearing services, Santa Clarita Hearing Center performs comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and repair. Additionally, they fit custom ear plugs and protection to treat customers’ medical hearing loss or tinnitus symptoms. With a wide range of hearing aid options to meet every budget and lifestyle, Santa Clarita Hearing Center focuses on delivering effective results with compassion, education and integrity.

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Hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life.

Take back control by having a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We will help you understand your currently hearing ability and how to enhance and preserve it for the future.

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