What are the five signs of hearing loss?

Anyone can experience signs of hearing loss at any point in their life. Hearing loss may either be noise-induced hearing or acquired from birth.

In essence, a wide range of conditions can result in hearing loss. Noise, aging, illness, and genetics are among the factors that might contribute to hearing loss.

There are three types of hearing loss– sensorineural, conductive, and mixed. 

5 Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may occur suddenly or gradually, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the five most common signs of hearing loss.


According to studies, tinnitus affects one in five people who have hearing loss. When you are subjected to extremely loud noises, such as a bomb explosion or a gunshot, you are at risk for tinnitus.

Tinnitus may cause your ears to ring, buzz, hiss, or produce “phantom” noises that (in most cases) do not have an external source. While certain cases of tinnitus may be more severe than anticipated, it could eventually go away on its own. However, if you find the tinnitus symptoms to worsen or seem to have no sign of alleviation, it’s best to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Tinnitus may either be an early sign of hearing loss or an indicator of an underlying medical disease.

Muffled or distorted hearing

Have you ever noticed that the voice of someone talking in front or near you seems to be muffled or distorted? It’s like you are hearing but not actually getting the full details of the words they are saying. Are the consonants or vowels sounding loopy?

If you have allergies, colds, or flu, experiencing muffled hearing as a symptom of congestion is expected. However, if you don’t have any colds or allergies, and the perception of muffled hearing lingers on, you may need to get your hearing tested.

This could indicate a problem with your auditory system, such as earwax impaction or early hearing loss.

Difficulty hearing in background noise

It’s likely that your ears have problems blocking out external sounds if you have trouble hearing discussions when there is background noise. The initial sign of moderate hearing loss is frequently difficulty hearing, even with a light background noise.

Listening exhaustion

To perceive and understand sound, the brain and ears collaborate. Any inconsistencies or gaps in the manner sound information is conveyed from the ears to the brain cause hearing difficulties. The brain has to process data twice as quickly for those with hearing loss, which can lead to listening fatigue.

Individuals with hearing loss experience listening tiredness more than those with normal hearing because hearing requires more effort. It’s possible that listening fatigue is a precursor to hearing loss.

Less interest in engaging in social events

People with hearing impairments may choose to withdraw and distance themselves rather than participate in social events.

This disinterest in social engagements could be linked to a person’s discomfort, uncertainty, or uneasiness with their hearing challenges. Relationships between individuals and in the workplace could be greatly impacted by this.

Noticing signs of hearing loss?

Schedule an appointment with an audiologist as soon as you believe you or a loved one may be exhibiting one of the five indicators of hearing loss.

There are numerous solutions for hearing loss today that are discreet and highly functional.

Hearing Tests and Audiologists in Valencia, CA

A qualified hearing healthcare practitioner, such as an audiologist, should be consulted right away if you notice signs of hearing loss.

Hearing tests are brief and painless and can help you get the unique hearing requirements you need to ensure that you won’t miss out on the many important things in life.

Santa Clarita Hearing Center provides comprehensive hearing tests and audiological evaluations in Valencia, CA, and nearby areas. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life.

Take back control by having a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We will help you understand your currently hearing ability and how to enhance and preserve it for the future.

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