What You Need To Know About Hearing Aids In The Store Aisles

Be treated medically where it makes sense. We at Santa Clarita Hearing Center are home to hearing health and have the medical knowledge needed to properly give members of our community true results and true care.

“You can’t just treat the hearing aid,” explains Dr. Ginny Veloz of Santa Clarita Hearing Center. “It’s a medical device that works with everything else”.

Those who purchase hearing aids from large retail stores and manufacturers often believe they are getting a deal with the low pricing. The issue with purchasing hearing aids in a facility that is not a doctor’s office or a building filled with medical experts is that you buy from sales people who know nothing about you prior to the purchase you make, and they don’t really care.

At Santa Clarita Hearing Center we carry the proper knowledge and make the best decisions for you, your hearing health, and are here for your future concerns.

A retail store that sells you on a low price will not always replace said device if any

issues rise up with it. Oftentimes they require you just buy a new one. With Santa Clarita Hearing Center we carry the devices you need and offer the mateience for any needed repairs or inspections.

Santa Clarita Hearing Center For Everyone

Never think you are too out of the range for hearing aids or hearing examinations. Here at Santa Clarita Hearing Center we make sure all ages in need of hearing treatment get a proper diagnosis and treatment needed to improve their quality of life.

Do you love turning up that song while at the gym or while on a car ride to work? Or perhaps work in loud environments?

Hearing loss occurs so much more often with younger crowds due to blasting music in cars and through headphones. Keep in mind hearing aids might come of great use sooner than you might think.

If you notice the loss of quality hearing, seeking a medical diagnosis from us will be truly beneficial. Focus on a dependable medical facility for your hearing health at Santa Clarita Hearing Center.

Santa Clarita Hearing Center was founded by Dr. Ginny Veloz, Au.D., who has worked as an audiologist and hearing doctor for over 20 years. At Santa Clarita Hearing Center, customers can expect to find the most modern hearing aid technology currently available. Offering a complete range of diagnostic hearing services, Santa Clarita Hearing Center performs comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and repair. Additionally, they fit custom ear plugs and protection to treat customers’ medical hearing loss or tinnitus symptoms. With a wide range of hearing aid options to meet every budget and lifestyle, Santa Clarita Hearing Center focuses on delivering effective results with compassion, education and integrity.

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Hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life.

Take back control by having a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We will help you understand your currently hearing ability and how to enhance and preserve it for the future.

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